Updates and a New Project

Hello All,

I thought I would run by an update on things.

First up is the game room/hobby area. I have managed to get some unpacking and sorting done. I have also managed to rearrange the furniture.  This was so I could get shelves in the primary game area for terrain and give folks a place to put their troops not yet in action on, or recently removed from, the tabletop. I have one more large bookcase to modify and we should be good to go.

An updated pic:

20131114_203908[1]This doesn’t show the office/workshop/overflow game room but that continues apace.


Now to move on to the new project. A club/group in the Phoenix, Arizona area has had a themed tournament over at least the last couple of years that I knowof. Last year the theme was Market Garden. This year the theme is Kursk and Operation Citadel.

Their site is here: http://www.azdrfow.com/

They came up with a few alternate lists that looked interesting. Richard over at http://flamesofnerd.blogspot.com/ went with a Stugbatterie. That was tempting to me as well, as I already have a Stug Kompanie ready to go. However, I wanted something different, and, at the suggestion of Firstborn Gaming’s resident alien, Matt, I’m going with a Mittlere Panzer Kompanie from 2nd SS division ‘Das Reich’ with T-34s.

The list is here:

HQ – 2 x T-34 orb 1942

1st Platoon – 3 x T-34s

2nd Platoon – 3 x T-34s

Weapons Platoon – Panzer Scout Platoon w/ 4x Schwimmwagen

Divisional Support: Light Anti-Aircraft Gun Platoon – 3 x Sd Kfz 10/5 2cm

For this army, of course, I didn’t have the main parts, the T-34s, painted up at all. Still don’t. But those are progressing nicely.




These will be a pretty standard build aside from a couple of extra bits of stowage and some schurzen on a couple of tanks. One of the odd things about the German use of T-34s was the addition of these rhomboid stowage boxes.



I have tried to represent these with some think plasticard as you can see in the pics above. I think I nailed the size with the thicker piece. I’ll probably go with a very thin piece for the lid. Next up is to get more of these boxes made and the schurzen done.

Until next time,


Game Room Moving Along

For the maybe half dozen of you that look at this blog, I have recently moved house and, in the process, acquired a fine game room/space.

Early, before pictures from when we moved in here:

IMG_1566 IMG_1565

And with the table moved in and somewhat set up.



I do have one display cabinet up and loaded.


Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery before I could get pics of what is on the shelves.

Getting Back in the Saddle

Having gone through some trials and tribulations such as moving house I am back to getting sone models done.

To get going again, I’m back on the US late war armor.

The pic below is most of the two intial combat platoons:

Two more regular M4A3s to build and they should be ready for primer then paint.

New Project Update

Below are some WIP shots of my next army.
Yep, it’s US Armor. No, I haven’t decided whether I’m running trained or vets, yet.

Overall what I have assembled so far:


So far there are only the mortars, recon platoon, a section of priests and a Jumbo and an Easy Eight(though I need to swap out it’s tracks for good ones.) And, game-wise, I’m not yet convinced about the Jumbo but I do like the model so I will paint it up.

New Project For Next Year

The start of a new army….


LRDG quick update


Almost there….


Now that I’m on a new schedule, I have a lot more time to paint. First up are some LRDG I’ve been wanting to get to. An early war tournament at Great Escape Games in Sacramento gave me the perfect excuse to slap paint on them!

A couple of quick WIP shot….


And a pic with them mostly finished…

And a sample with matte varnish applied.

The trucks are being worked on as we speak

 and I’ll hopefully have pics of them before the tourney.

Quick progress pic


A quick shot from my tablet on my 28mm US infantry. Got the burr in my saddle to get some work in on them this evening. Hadn’t done so in at least a year. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t take another year for some more work.

More WIP

This time its miniatures.

Ages ago, Bob gave me a bunch of his Peter Pig fallschirmjager that he had based for Crossfire and some other loose FJ pioneers. Well, I don’t play Crossfire, so I’ve based them for FOW. I’ve added in some Command Decision FJ and I now have 2 full platoons plus HMGs and mortars. To these, I have packs of PaK36s and 2cm FlaK38s ready to be put together.


More Terrain WIP

This time however there is a mix of regions.

I still have the desert houses from the previous post, but I also have some Italy pieces working.

First off are some additional pieces for the desert:

The pic is a touch blurry but you get the idea.

Another pic is here:


Primed up

The piece on the bottom is what they should match:-)
Hopefully after I’m recovered from surgery I should be able to get them painted.

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