Look, Some Progress…

For those that have followed my somewhat erratic postings, I can report that have finished a platoon AND taken pics of them.

Stugs are Done!

 And a close up of a few of them:

 Stugs closer…

I also have some WIP shots.

First the Shermans that are listed in The Pipeline. I spent awhile getting a good amount of stowage on them with some custom tarps and rolled up stuff made from green stuff. The camo netting, according Deb, the missus, looks like broccoli. I disagree. In fact, when I showed her the first tank that I put the camo netting on, she gave me a quizzical look and said, “Why is there broccoli on your tank?” She is not a modeller. Evidently.

Shermans In Progress

 Sure doesn’t look like broccoli to me…

And last for this update are some US paratoops.

US Para Squad

 Yes. They are 28mm. In fact, if you notice behind them are some bare metal Wehrmacht that I am in the process of trimming up. These guys are for playtesting of my buddy Bob’s skirmish game.

In the next update, here, wait, let’s make a list of jobs like Mike does.

1. Finish up Paras.

2. Base paint the Shermans

3. Get better pics of the Stugs

 4. Get pics of finished PaK38’s and Panzerwerfers

Seems simple enough. Oh. I should add:

5. Finish off and get pics of Deb’s ‘special’. (no comments at the back…)

Till next time.


3 Responses

  1. Nice looking Stugs mate

    and I love the cauliflower on the Shermans 🙂

    are you going to do one Sherman with a load speaker on the side, a tube around the barrel and a driver with a fez?

    go on you know you want to

  2. You know, I have three M4’s that I haven’t assembled yet. That might be an idea…

    I think I’ll watch the movie again over the weekend to make sure I get the details right.

  3. Ooooh, purty stuggies bro!

    The War of the Spanish Succession is tickling me balls. Gotta finish Strike Force Commander so I can get some figs & start paintin’

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