So, I got in a game on Wednesday…

It turns out to be a large German on Russians bash…

I took the 1352 as featured on these very pages. My compatriots were of a mind to take a few big tanks…I think it was a mistake against the commies. Oh, we were also playing the Fighting withdrawal scenario….We were supposed to withdraw.

Below we have the initial setup:

Initial Deployments

On the bottom left, just out of the frame are some of my Stug’s. You should notice the 4, yes, 4, Elephants on our left flank. In retrospect, they should have probably been more in the center…

Sturmoviks Descend

Here the sturmoviks descend on my poor stugs. They popped one and bailed another. And, for good measure, they also took out one of my 10.5’s and pinned the platoon which I failed to unpin the entire game.

The next shot is the end of turn one:

End of turn one

As you can see, we didn’t do too badly. The elephants took out two of the SU-85’s over on the commies right right flank. But they only managed to bail one of the three IS-2’s. Our tigers showed up from ambush to help my stugs shoot up some T-34’s. This was the highlight of the game for us. The commies and their ‘Allies’, the Americans, continually bombarded us with mortars, heavy mortars, and howitzers.

The following pic is of what I think is the fourth turn:

Turn four

As you can see, stugs are burning, tigers are burning, there are craters where my 3.7 FlaK43’s and right flank stugs use to be….

On the upside, we killed a platoon of SU-85’s and T-70’s. Plus we got a good bit of one the T-34 companies, but not enough of the one that was on the objective…

Below is a pic of the objective about to be taken:

Objective about to be taken

On this side of the board the SU-152 was the objective. It’s not very clear but my stugs were the ones that managed to pop all of the T-34’s from that company. Unfortunately, it was not enough firepower, and the stugs paid with incoming fire from more heavy mortars and two T-34 companies. That would be two of them on left, burning…

Here we have the rotten commie winners. Joe, on the left, is Zukov, reincarnated, and the one with the hat is the ‘American’ player, Brandon. The German players didn’t want their pictures taken for obvious reasons.


What’s really sad, is that this picture was taken before the game and they are already this smug.

I told my dog, Dobbs, the outcome of the game and he was suitably unimpressed.


That’s it for this post.

To everyone out there, have a Merry Christmas!



One Response

  1. looks like one hell of a game mate

    nice terrain btw

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