An Update (of sorts…)


It would seem I have been remiss in my blogging responsibilities. Just ask Mike!

I have not been idle. Well, mostly.

In the IT world, in my industry, resort-casinos, January to about March/April is the time for getting projects done and moving forward with the things that we can’t do when business is really happening. That is when we are busy avoiding making changes before holiday weekends.  That is one reason you heard more from me during the holidays and over the summer. Anyway, our last real ‘holiday’ weekend is approaching and that is the Super Bowl. For those over the pond that don’t follow American football, think ‘World Cup Final’ and you’ll get the idea. After that weekend, I have a whole slew of network projects to implement, the biggest of which is our WAN link switchover and the implementation of a new SAN and some server relocations. These all involve working nights which makes gaming take a bit of a back seat.

Not entirely in the back seat, as I tend to pick my way through some projects, model by model.

This leads me to the updated bits of the site. As will be mentioned in the new pages I am about to put up, I rather liked the pipeline concept I have here, but, unfortunately, with the way things have unfolded I have found it hard to keep up with as it does not motivate me the way it was intended.

All is not lost, however. The closing of the shop has brought myself and my little band of gamer refugees from there an opportunity from the self same person who closed it. We have been able to get involved on an introductory level of helping develop the game we all love and play. I’m excited to be part of it.

I would also be remiss if I did not mention another grand opportunity in being able to serve the same function for my friend Bob in an endeavor of his.

I can not give details of either project, but they will be good fun and they lead me to the new bits of the site, though they are really just expansions of armies I already have going.



2 Responses

  1. Hey bro, I updated my blog finally. I see you did yours as well.

    Cool shizzle on the SFC front.

    Talk to you later. Gimme a call tomorrow & we’ll catch up. I have a game mechanic I wanna run by you too.


  2. well it all sounds very secretive mate, cant wait to see what you are working on


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