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In addition to the usual cast of dodgy persons whose links you see to the right, I do, on occasion, peruse other parts of the ‘interweb’, as Dave Dubya has termed it. More often than not, these other sites are FOW or WWII related. But not all. I do like the look of a well set up game no matter the period and this applies to well made and painted figures, as well.

I thought I would share these on occasion, as I should find them.

First up is one the more well known hobby types, Phil Olley. I was checking his site today and discovered he has a page of miniatures from an older, bygone era.

Next up is Soapy, whose blog is a regular perusal of mine. Mainly to get the other side of story when Bill says that he has lost Musketeer Miniatures to Lord S of Gripping Beast.

An occasional look in on The Lead Adventure Forum always gets my head swimming with new projects:

Another good site is fromthe Battlebarn Gamers from Wiliamsburg, Virginia. They have a nice bit of Flames of War action, plus some other historicals that they. Good Stuff.

Last but not least for today are the Southend-On-Sea Wargames Group.  They do a good mix of stuff and their terrain is top-notch. I prefer 15mm WWII but their 20mm stuff is quite nice!

That’s it for today. Maybe some pics of almost finished Shermans tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that…



5 Responses

  1. I gotta say that I’m secretly harboring Pulp inklings that will manifest when I write the scifi/fantasy/pulp expansion for SFC.

    I’m especially interested in Call of Cthulhu skirmish games where you pit your Mythos Investigators against my Elder Gods. Buwahahahahahah! Punk!

  2. oh I do like the idea of a Call of Cthulhu skirmish game, sign me up Faust

  3. Yeah. I really get the pulp bug when I look at the Lead Adventure Forum. It should be interesting to see the effect when somebody loses all of their SAN….

    I was also getting the Old West bug when Tombstone started the other day on HBO. Then I got out of it after the movie went awhile… I need a copy of Pale Rider and Fist Full of Dollars.

  4. I watched Open Range again the other day while I cleaned & based 12 Foundry Cowboys.

  5. After 27 years I might be simply bored with painting figs. I tried to get into painting those aforementioned cowboys and it just didn’t stick.

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