List, Lists, and More Lists

One of the things I love about wargaming is the army list. That is because the army list represents so many things. It can represent the pinnacle of your gaming prowess in a list that you have never lost with; it can also represent your worst game in a list that was better off fighting for space in the bottom of your trashcan.

The list can also represent some of your finest or favorite painting work in a list that you created and specifically bought and painted models for. One of my favorites is the 1352 Stug list that grace these pages. That list and those models represent something of a rarity for me; a finished project. Though there is no pic of the grenadier platoon, they are finished.

While lists can be a good thing, they can also be a burden. They are burden for me in that they represent unfinished projects and unrealised ideas. The reason for that is that I have too many lists. And not just army lists. Mike Hobbs had the good idea, of which I have yet to nick, of listing the projects he wanted to accomplish this year and placing them on his front page. This is supposed to give one focus. Apparently, I am missing this.

Today is the recommitment of getting back my focus. I will start with a list that contains, among other things, lists of armies I want to do, along with other gaming related projects. Today I commit to getting pics along with my words. (And I would have had some of those today if this PC would have read my memory card…)

1. Re Setup the hobby area in the garage. (See, this would have had pics…)

2. Rearrange desk for keeping up with the blog. (Wife redecorated the room…’nuf said.)

3. Finish US Armour company

4. Finish first Tiger company

5. Finish miscellaneous models on paint desk.

6. Finish Panther company.

7. Swiss fuggers for SFC.

8. Viking fuggers for SFC.

9. Terrain pieces for Italian theatre for FOW. Hill bases already cut.

10. Terrain for NW Europe for FOW.

11. Finish up buildings and terrain for SFC. I have a number of half-finished buildings that I had originally started for Morheim.

This should work for now. Pics of Item 1 and, maybe, 2 for tomorrow.


2 Responses

  1. ah the joy of lists

    you gotta have a list mate, looking forward to seeing the pics


  2. Hey bro, did you get my SFC update? I emailed it last weekend.

    Give me a call & we’ll catch up.


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