More Lists and what I am starting with.

Well, I didn’t quite make it to a post yesterday. But today is the day. Or I could have made an April Fool’s joke early…

Here is the hobby area in the garage:

Hobby Bench 1

This is not the initial pic I wanted to show as I have already mounted a good, sturdy shelf to the wall to support the shelf units. I did have to take this arrangement down to make the shelf sturdier with some 2 x 4. The idea behind this is to keep most of my terrain making materials and tools in here until my boys move out to places of their own.

This pic:

Hobby bench 2

is of the bench with the shelf remounted and some of the organisation started. I will probably have to move the bench over towards the left to afford some storage for other things.

Now is the real reason for the reorg: lists. What follows are Mike terms ‘Forgotten Projects’ or ‘On Hold Projects’.

Forgotten Projects 1

These are variety of different things: French and Dutch for Bob’s 1585 DBA extension( good stuff but sadly lacking anybody with interest to play)(In fact, I wouldn’t mind another ruleset that would make for slightly bigger armies. Something beside DBM or DBMM.)

A pile of Swiss for WAB. (Though a sampling of these have been pulled for SFC.)

Cases of (mostly) fantasy figs for Mordheim. (which I wouldn’t mind doing, but, again, a lack of interest in other parties.)

On Hold 2

The above is a sampling of the Normans I bought for WAB. As Bob has pointed out – Who am I going to play around here? As an aside, Bob, what about using oval bases for cav in SFC? To be honest, 50 or 60mm rounds are pretty big. Nice for mini dioramas, but a little unwieldy for games especially if we’re going to crowd it with terrain.

And, lastly for today:

On Hold 3

These are actually in the pipeline for getting done. these are some of the ‘Swiss fuggers’ that Bob mentioned. Also are some GB Vikings/Huscarls that I want to base up for SFC. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

See, this is just a small portion of the list I have to deal with to just reorg the hobby bench. The painting bench is another story.

Speaking of the painting bench:

paint bench 4-1

This pic is relatively current, I think two or three days ago.

The Shermans on the top right are getting highlights done. The Tigers on the bottom right have had their magic wash applied are awaiting details and highlights. The Panthers will get their final basecoats before I move on theTigers his evening. The various finished models on the bench are there to get their magnets applied to their bases so I can put them in the new cases I showed earlier.

Another list item of note before I sign off for today is: what army to take to Historicon in July? Germans? Though not enough late war stuff. Americans? Workable and probably best option for not having as much to paint. Or British? I do have almost all the models for a workable Normandy Tank Company, but not a lick is painted….




3 Responses

  1. looks like you are making good progress there mate

    the storage area looks really nice

    and as for your question about Historicon, why not fly the flag and go American

    you guys did win the war for us after all ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Well bro, looks like you’ve been a busy fella. Good on ya!

    I’m going with 40mm rounds for mounts in SFC. LOTW & other round based historical games seem to be doing ok with that size for their mounted figs. 50’s & 60’s seem too big to me also.

    “you guys did win the war for us after all” – Well, Mike, yes we did; and I’m glad you noticed that mate! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. At least we have one person from the other side of the pond that acknowledges that we did anything other than steal their women and drink their beer. Not neccessarily in that order.

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