Wot I took to the Tourney

Here we have some pics of the army I took to ConQuest Sac.

The list is from the Panzerkompanie Bake list. I realize this is in contrast to the previous post about taking 5th Wiking. I simply didn’t have the time to paint the models for the list I wanted. Rally didn’t have time to these either as I didn’t get the panzerwerfers finished.  Also realized I didn’t have enough German command stands painted up.

The pics are a bit washed out as I haven’t got a proper photo setup yet. On to the pics:

First up is an overall army shot:

Gives a nice overall feel of what the army is about, I think.

Next is the business end of the company in the panther platoon and the CO.

Panther Platoon and CO

Next up is the other combat platoon of two tigers and the gerbirgsjager platoon.

It was nice having the Gebirgsjager in the army. Good solid infantry support to help hold and take objectives while everybody’s attention is focused on the Panthers and Tigers.

Last up are the Pioneer platoon. My main assault force after the panthers. During the tourney I replaced two stands with flamethrowers. Didn’t get time to finish painting them either.

Pics I don’t have but you see glimpses of, are the Panzerwerfers. I had them painted before the tourney, but wanted to take advantage of the extra crew rule so I set about re-basing to add the crew. Had to raid an 88 blister to do it, so now I need crew for my 88. I can probably get away with some crew from the Arty HQ pack.

Anyway, I did better than I expected in the tourney, placing 4th. This was helped by two 6-1 wins over Soviet Guards tanks . Promptly followed by a 1-6 loss to the Welsh Guards out of Hells Highway. Hoping to get back to a tourney soon to give it another go.


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  1. Looks sweet as usual!

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