Updates and a New Project

Hello All,

I thought I would run by an update on things.

First up is the game room/hobby area. I have managed to get some unpacking and sorting done. I have also managed to rearrange the furniture.  This was so I could get shelves in the primary game area for terrain and give folks a place to put their troops not yet in action on, or recently removed from, the tabletop. I have one more large bookcase to modify and we should be good to go.

An updated pic:

20131114_203908[1]This doesn’t show the office/workshop/overflow game room but that continues apace.


Now to move on to the new project. A club/group in the Phoenix, Arizona area has had a themed tournament over at least the last couple of years that I knowof. Last year the theme was Market Garden. This year the theme is Kursk and Operation Citadel.

Their site is here: http://www.azdrfow.com/

They came up with a few alternate lists that looked interesting. Richard over at http://flamesofnerd.blogspot.com/ went with a Stugbatterie. That was tempting to me as well, as I already have a Stug Kompanie ready to go. However, I wanted something different, and, at the suggestion of Firstborn Gaming’s resident alien, Matt, I’m going with a Mittlere Panzer Kompanie from 2nd SS division ‘Das Reich’ with T-34s.

The list is here:

HQ – 2 x T-34 orb 1942

1st Platoon – 3 x T-34s

2nd Platoon – 3 x T-34s

Weapons Platoon – Panzer Scout Platoon w/ 4x Schwimmwagen

Divisional Support: Light Anti-Aircraft Gun Platoon – 3 x Sd Kfz 10/5 2cm

For this army, of course, I didn’t have the main parts, the T-34s, painted up at all. Still don’t. But those are progressing nicely.




These will be a pretty standard build aside from a couple of extra bits of stowage and some schurzen on a couple of tanks. One of the odd things about the German use of T-34s was the addition of these rhomboid stowage boxes.



I have tried to represent these with some think plasticard as you can see in the pics above. I think I nailed the size with the thicker piece. I’ll probably go with a very thin piece for the lid. Next up is to get more of these boxes made and the schurzen done.

Until next time,



New Project Update

Below are some WIP shots of my next army.
Yep, it’s US Armor. No, I haven’t decided whether I’m running trained or vets, yet.

Overall what I have assembled so far:


So far there are only the mortars, recon platoon, a section of priests and a Jumbo and an Easy Eight(though I need to swap out it’s tracks for good ones.) And, game-wise, I’m not yet convinced about the Jumbo but I do like the model so I will paint it up.

New Projects and Sweeping Old Stuff Under the Rug.

Well not quite the next day, but sooner than the time between my last updates.

Still haven’t had time to get a proper photo of the new stuff. I offer a couple more better staged shots. These are my most recent Panzergrenadiers with the truck or half track option.

First up is the overall picture, above.

Next is the close up of the infantry. Just noticed the big mold line…dammit.

Next is the half tracks. I’ve shown trucks before so no pic of them this time.

Next is start of my next project:

A panzerpioneer platoon and a Panzer IV H platoon:

My plans are to get the pioneers done then move on to the Panzer IV’s.

Stay tuned!

Forward Observer

In addition to the usual cast of dodgy persons whose links you see to the right, I do, on occasion, peruse other parts of the ‘interweb’, as Dave Dubya has termed it. More often than not, these other sites are FOW or WWII related. But not all. I do like the look of a well set up game no matter the period and this applies to well made and painted figures, as well.

I thought I would share these on occasion, as I should find them.

First up is one the more well known hobby types, Phil Olley. I was checking his site today and discovered he has a page of miniatures from an older, bygone era.


Next up is Soapy, whose blog is a regular perusal of mine. Mainly to get the other side of story when Bill says that he has lost Musketeer Miniatures to Lord S of Gripping Beast.


An occasional look in on The Lead Adventure Forum always gets my head swimming with new projects:


Another good site is fromthe Battlebarn Gamers from Wiliamsburg, Virginia. They have a nice bit of Flames of War action, plus some other historicals that they. Good Stuff.


Last but not least for today are the Southend-On-Sea Wargames Group.  They do a good mix of stuff and their terrain is top-notch. I prefer 15mm WWII but their 20mm stuff is quite nice!


That’s it for today. Maybe some pics of almost finished Shermans tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that…


Working Away…

…on some different things. Not all of them models.

I got a burr under my saddle (which is something we say out west, here) about figure storage and transport. Most of the figure cases I see that I like are expensive or inadequate. Or both. So I found some regular storage cases at the local Home Depot, some steel flashing, and some rivets.

I did this:

Modifying the case

 I cut the steel to fit the compartments and rivet them in and I get this:

Figure case

I have two of these cases done and I figue two more to do in order to hold most of my FOW stuff that is done and what is on the paint table.

Speaking of the paint table:

Current Table

I have been taking a bit of break; in protest, due to being rather busy at work and at the house. However, I have been getting some little bits done here and there. I finished up assembling a Panther platoon and 4 more Tigers. I also got the base painting in on my Shermans:


 There is also a platoon of 76mm Shermans, but I don’t have the base paint on those yet.  Need to get a platoon of Priests out together by Friday for a game. Maybe.

Work continues on the secret project front; Bob, I’m about halfway through, been tough getting in any time. Looks good so far. Oh, and ‘the chair is against the wall.’


Look, Some Progress…

For those that have followed my somewhat erratic postings, I can report that have finished a platoon AND taken pics of them.

Stugs are Done!

 And a close up of a few of them:

 Stugs closer…

I also have some WIP shots.

First the Shermans that are listed in The Pipeline. I spent awhile getting a good amount of stowage on them with some custom tarps and rolled up stuff made from green stuff. The camo netting, according Deb, the missus, looks like broccoli. I disagree. In fact, when I showed her the first tank that I put the camo netting on, she gave me a quizzical look and said, “Why is there broccoli on your tank?” She is not a modeller. Evidently.

Shermans In Progress

 Sure doesn’t look like broccoli to me…

And last for this update are some US paratoops.

US Para Squad

 Yes. They are 28mm. In fact, if you notice behind them are some bare metal Wehrmacht that I am in the process of trimming up. These guys are for playtesting of my buddy Bob’s skirmish game.

In the next update, here, wait, let’s make a list of jobs like Mike does.

1. Finish up Paras.

2. Base paint the Shermans

3. Get better pics of the Stugs

 4. Get pics of finished PaK38’s and Panzerwerfers

Seems simple enough. Oh. I should add:

5. Finish off and get pics of Deb’s ‘special’. (no comments at the back…)

Till next time.

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