Getting Back in the Saddle

Having gone through some trials and tribulations such as moving house I am back to getting sone models done.

To get going again, I’m back on the US late war armor.

The pic below is most of the two intial combat platoons:

Two more regular M4A3s to build and they should be ready for primer then paint.



Now that I’m on a new schedule, I have a lot more time to paint. First up are some LRDG I’ve been wanting to get to. An early war tournament at Great Escape Games in Sacramento gave me the perfect excuse to slap paint on them!

A couple of quick WIP shot….


And a pic with them mostly finished…

And a sample with matte varnish applied.

The trucks are being worked on as we speak

 and I’ll hopefully have pics of them before the tourney.

Let’s Try This Again….

Progress continues:


Pioneer half tracks with a basecoat. Also added a Stuka half track. It’s supposed to be a cold weekend this weekend, so I might have a chance to get some good time in.

Panzerpioneers on the Workbench and very little else…

Been a little busy of late so not much time of late to make posts to the blog.  I’ve gotten the platoon primed up.  Most of the half tracks are assembled. I have a game with Pierre this evening and utterly failed to get either Wespe’s or Hummel’s assembled for that game. So, no artillery it is and we will go with an armoured strike force. This is probably for the best though as Pierre is bringing his Soviet Guards Armored.

I’ll be taking 5th Wiking with panthers. Not terribly original, I know, but effective. We played Encounter and I did get a win, but I think only because Pierre didn’t get any reserves.

Anyway, on to the pics of the latest.

The above is more or less the current workbench. It’s been this way for a bit. The pioneer infantry are not present as they were off for priming. Their half-tracks are on top and are waiting for bases.  Also in attendance are the start of some Panzer IV’s. One of which is the Biermeyer model:

I also have the Hans von Luck model I’ll probably use for a platoon or 2iC model. I have pics of the half tracks but they were blurry so I’ll pass on posting those.

This weekend, the plan is to get everybody assembled, based, primed, and base painting started.

Good luck with that.

Happy New Year!

Yep. Still alive. Quite busy with many things. Still painting though.

Evidence below:

And a quick close up of them:

The pics look a little shiny due to the flash.

I’m going to try to make some time tomorrow for getting some more pics of the new stuff.

Also, going to try to use this blog the way I had intended and track my progress. Except the last year there wasn’t much progress.

Also, due to the untimely passing of my Cleo:

My wife gifted me a new shadow as an early Christmas present:

Mr. Finlay!

See you tomorrow. I hope.

Photos forthcoming…

No, really.

Group Shot.

Group Shot.

I have some close ups, too.  But they turned out a little more yellow than I would like. I may reshoot those this evening.

Not Quite Back On Schedule

…but close.

Some in progress stuff; panthers this time. (Yes, Mike those are the rest of the shermans behind them…)

You should also notice a couple of marders. Those were kind of a one-off type of purchase. I also realised I didn’t have any SP AT for my Germans, so here they are.

These are also a good bit further on than the pics show as I took these before the weekend. So far they have mostly had all of their highlights done and waiting for bases to be done.

Next in the pipe are the 76 shermans. I had planned to get these in just after I finshed their 75-armed brethren, but realised I hadn’t fitted any of the base painted ones with Cullin devices. I managed a trade to get another set so I could have some with hedgerow cutters and be able to intermingle. I also thought that, at some point in FOW, I’ll be able to use more than one platoon of 76’s. So, once the panthers and marders are done, I’ll do the the shermans. I think I may try to shoehorn in the 105 shermans, too.

After that, I have a schwere panzer company I  want to get finished that is in various pieces-parts about the place.

When I get some time over the weekend, I may make a stab at actually organising and grouping up the projects I want to get to this year and post it up in the section I made for that very pupose that is to your left.

That’s about it for now, except did I mention I really like the sepia mode my camera has:

Sherman Dozer Sepia

Hopefully I’ll have some more over the weekend.


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