Updates and a New Project

Hello All,

I thought I would run by an update on things.

First up is the game room/hobby area. I have managed to get some unpacking and sorting done. I have also managed to rearrange the furniture.  This was so I could get shelves in the primary game area for terrain and give folks a place to put their troops not yet in action on, or recently removed from, the tabletop. I have one more large bookcase to modify and we should be good to go.

An updated pic:

20131114_203908[1]This doesn’t show the office/workshop/overflow game room but that continues apace.


Now to move on to the new project. A club/group in the Phoenix, Arizona area has had a themed tournament over at least the last couple of years that I knowof. Last year the theme was Market Garden. This year the theme is Kursk and Operation Citadel.

Their site is here: http://www.azdrfow.com/

They came up with a few alternate lists that looked interesting. Richard over at http://flamesofnerd.blogspot.com/ went with a Stugbatterie. That was tempting to me as well, as I already have a Stug Kompanie ready to go. However, I wanted something different, and, at the suggestion of Firstborn Gaming’s resident alien, Matt, I’m going with a Mittlere Panzer Kompanie from 2nd SS division ‘Das Reich’ with T-34s.

The list is here:

HQ – 2 x T-34 orb 1942

1st Platoon – 3 x T-34s

2nd Platoon – 3 x T-34s

Weapons Platoon – Panzer Scout Platoon w/ 4x Schwimmwagen

Divisional Support: Light Anti-Aircraft Gun Platoon – 3 x Sd Kfz 10/5 2cm

For this army, of course, I didn’t have the main parts, the T-34s, painted up at all. Still don’t. But those are progressing nicely.




These will be a pretty standard build aside from a couple of extra bits of stowage and some schurzen on a couple of tanks. One of the odd things about the German use of T-34s was the addition of these rhomboid stowage boxes.



I have tried to represent these with some think plasticard as you can see in the pics above. I think I nailed the size with the thicker piece. I’ll probably go with a very thin piece for the lid. Next up is to get more of these boxes made and the schurzen done.

Until next time,




Now that I’m on a new schedule, I have a lot more time to paint. First up are some LRDG I’ve been wanting to get to. An early war tournament at Great Escape Games in Sacramento gave me the perfect excuse to slap paint on them!

A couple of quick WIP shot….


And a pic with them mostly finished…

And a sample with matte varnish applied.

The trucks are being worked on as we speak

 and I’ll hopefully have pics of them before the tourney.

Sacramento Tourney Redux

Hello All,

Or, at least, the couple of you that stop by on occasion. For those that don’t know, I usually have a number of projects going at any one time. What wargamer doesn’t? These projects are either actually on the table or swimming about inside my head. Recent posts will show a certain panzerpionier company that I have failed to get much progress on in the last year or so. The reasons for that are varied and many.

This post is one of the varied reasons.

Below is a good bit of an American rifle company I have been hard at work on since about July of last year.

I would very much like to show a good picture of the army, but thanks to an exuberant young cat, they have had some damage done to them from a fall. The lions share of the damage is shown here:

As you can see, some damage was considerable. The 90’s in particular were quite hard hit. The recon jeeps didn’t have a good time either, nor did the 105 Shermans since they do not have main gun barrels. Other damages were simple scrapes, bends, and stuff knocked off of bases. In all honesty, most of it is simple to repair, really only needing some paint touch-ups. I simply hate going back over stuff I’ve already done.

Now, getting to  the real point of this post, I’m going to use these in a tournament this upcoming weekend. The list I’m going with is here:

1500 Late-war US 3rd Infantry Division Company

HQ –

HQ Command Teams – 40

SMG upgrades – 30

Add bazooka Team – 20 90


Assault Platoon (3 sections) – 260 310

SMG Upgrade – 15

Add Pioneer Rifle Team – 25

Add Sharpshooter – 10


Rifle Platoon (3 sections) – 200 235

SMG Upgrade – 5

Add Rifle Team – 20

Add Sharpshooter – 10


Weapons Platoon (2 MG sections) – 165 165


I & R Platoon (3 Sections) – 110 130

Add AA MG for each jeep – 20


Chemical Mortar Platoon (2 sections) – 175 175


Anti-Tank Platoon (3 57mm Guns) – 100 100


Tank Platoon ( 3 M4 Sherman Tanks) – 270 285

Add Improvised Armor – 15


Total -1490

A couple pics of what’s coming:

That’s all for this evening. Later.

Wot I took to the Tourney

Here we have some pics of the army I took to ConQuest Sac.

The list is from the Panzerkompanie Bake list. I realize this is in contrast to the previous post about taking 5th Wiking. I simply didn’t have the time to paint the models for the list I wanted. Rally didn’t have time to these either as I didn’t get the panzerwerfers finished.  Also realized I didn’t have enough German command stands painted up.

The pics are a bit washed out as I haven’t got a proper photo setup yet. On to the pics:

First up is an overall army shot:

Gives a nice overall feel of what the army is about, I think.

Next is the business end of the company in the panther platoon and the CO.

Panther Platoon and CO

Next up is the other combat platoon of two tigers and the gerbirgsjager platoon.

It was nice having the Gebirgsjager in the army. Good solid infantry support to help hold and take objectives while everybody’s attention is focused on the Panthers and Tigers.

Last up are the Pioneer platoon. My main assault force after the panthers. During the tourney I replaced two stands with flamethrowers. Didn’t get time to finish painting them either.

Pics I don’t have but you see glimpses of, are the Panzerwerfers. I had them painted before the tourney, but wanted to take advantage of the extra crew rule so I set about re-basing to add the crew. Had to raid an 88 blister to do it, so now I need crew for my 88. I can probably get away with some crew from the Arty HQ pack.

Anyway, I did better than I expected in the tourney, placing 4th. This was helped by two 6-1 wins over Soviet Guards tanks . Promptly followed by a 1-6 loss to the Welsh Guards out of Hells Highway. Hoping to get back to a tourney soon to give it another go.

List for Historicon

Taking Mike’s suggestion that I go with the USA for the FoW tourney at Historicon, here is my initial list of what I can go with:

HQ – 2x M4 – 140

1st Platoon – 4 x M4 – 275

2nd Platoon – 4 x M4A1(76) – 355

The above is the base of the list and what is already assured to be in the army.

Below are all the options I could do.

Full Battery of M7 Priests (6 guns)- 325

Tank Destroyers (2 sections) – 335

Armoured Rifle Platoon (Full Strength) – 240

3 x M4 (105) – 215

This all totals 1885 points so some of the support needs reworking. The tournament is at 1750 points so I don’t need to trim that much. The list, as it is, is a good all around list, able to deal with armour or infantry effectively. It is really a matter of what I think I will be facing when deciding what to cut.  I could use air or some recon elements to really balance it out against all-comers but that will come at the expense of something else.


I had hoped to put up some pics of the Shermans as they progress but last evening the time did not present itself. Hopefully tonight.

What’s new and what isn’t


After a busy week or so on the home and work fronts, I finally have some time to share some thoughts.

Well, weekend before last I supposed to play in a FOW tourney down in Sacramento on the Saturday. My buddy Bob had graciously offered his abode for me to crash in. I checked the store’s web site on the Wednesday or Thursday prior leaving to make sure the date was right, and I called the shop but got a vague, ambiguous answer about the tourney date. I should have realised that this was trouble…

So I headed down right after work on Friday. The drive was easy enough and as I passed through Sacramento, I thought I should probably check on the tourney start time at the host shop. This was fortuitous as I then learned that the FOW tourney was, in fact, being played on the Sunday, not Saturday. I think the vague answer from who I spoke to on Wednesday was due to the fact that a 40K tourney was on for Saturday.

 So, I was disappointed that I would not be playing in the tourney as I had to head home early on Sunday. This disappointment was more than extinguished, however, when I realised that my buddy Bob and I would be able to hang out and cruise the gaming stores in Northern Cal at our leisure and then give Strike Force Commander a good run through. A good time was had by all. Well, the two of us, anyway.

More pics coming up…

Pak38’s in progress     Panzerwerfer 42’s

Above are the WIP pics I promised, oh, two weeks ago. Both platoons are actually complete, but I haven’t yet had time to get the pics. Hopefully over the weekend…

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