Getting Back in the Saddle

Having gone through some trials and tribulations such as moving house I am back to getting sone models done.

To get going again, I’m back on the US late war armor.

The pic below is most of the two intial combat platoons:

Two more regular M4A3s to build and they should be ready for primer then paint.

New Project Update

Below are some WIP shots of my next army.
Yep, it’s US Armor. No, I haven’t decided whether I’m running trained or vets, yet.

Overall what I have assembled so far:


So far there are only the mortars, recon platoon, a section of priests and a Jumbo and an Easy Eight(though I need to swap out it’s tracks for good ones.) And, game-wise, I’m not yet convinced about the Jumbo but I do like the model so I will paint it up.

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