Current Projects WIP

This is where I will attempt to give run downs and WIP shots of current projects. I don’t know how this will go as I don’t usually take many pictures of projects that I haven’t finished.

First, though is a pic of my StuGs after I applied all of the stowage and extra green stuff.

StuGs before primer

Update 9/19/07 – Here are the StuG’s after their base painting. I still have to finish the camo base, but they are moving along.

StuGs in progress

Next up are the 3.7 FlaK 43’s. These now need their highlights and bases done.

3.7’s in progress


The StuG’s are ready for their highlights

StuGs with wash


UPDATE! (finally) 10/29/07

StuG’s have had their highlights mostly done. Just need to finish bases. Shermans have most of their extra bits added and should see primer soon.

1/11/08 – UPDATE!

Well, sort of.  I am in the process of documenting my new projects and making decisions  about what other stuff I want to keep on the site.

3 Responses

  1. Love the weathering on the finished stugs

    really good work matey

    ps, thats an awful lot of stugs, what size is the completed army going to be?

  2. Thanks for the good word!
    This is 1352 StuG Abteilung from ‘Bloody Omaha’, and as such there is one StuG for the HQ and 3 times 3-StuG platoons. So, ten StuGs altogether. The army ought to be fun to run but a little brittle with only 3 vehicles per platoon.
    Also, the modeling probably isn’t completely accurate as a lot of German armour had to remove the shurzen as the bocage lanes were quite narrow. Of course I don’t usually model strictly to particular units and these are good for the Ostfront, mid- and late-war, as well.

  3. The stugs will be interesting to play.

    I guess you’ll have to sit tight and blast away in cover until you get a chance to breakthrough,

    btw I’m going to be getting the Panzer Lehr company soon, so that’ll be fun to paint up, I’ll let you know when they arrive


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