FOW Germans WIP Updated 4/10/08

This is the page for my WIP Germans for Flames of War.

Being thrifty (or cheap, as has been pointed out), I’d like to be able to use my collection for a number of different forces while not having to buy a whole bunch of figures. Not that that mattered with this force as I probably have enough infantry for at least a battalion. Not all of them painted though.

The forces I would like to represent are panzergrenadiers, aufklarungs, panzerpioneers, and, of course, panzers.

1. Panzers – I’m pretty good for the mid-war period as I have 5 each of Pz IV’ G’s and Pz III L’s. I lack panthers and more than one painted tiger.

Edited 4/10/2008 – Here are some of the Tigers in progress. They have bases coats and are now waiting on highlilghts.

2. Panzergrenadiers – I have the basics for these motorised in two painted infantry platoons and a platoon’s worth of painted trucks. Need to get on the ball for 251’s and mortar and HMG platoons.

3. Aufklarungs – This is my most complete as I have the above infantry and one platoon of SD Kfz 250’s and one platoon of motorcycles. I also have the armoured car platoons done.

4. Panzerpioneers – These guys actually required different infantry (sort of) and different half tracks. I have one platoon assembled and another almost assembled. I haven’t gotten to far on these guys as they are expensive, points wise. (Money-wise, too, as they have as many half tracks as the aufklar…)

5. Support platoons – These have gotten the lions share of time in the past few months to accompany the aufklarungs, so I might be good on them for awhile. Stuff completed includes 10.5 howitzers, PaK38’s, and Panzerwerfer 42’s.

6. Last but not least, are the Fallschirmjager. I inherited a bunch of my buddy Bob’s stuff when he moved but have yet to get much work on them. I did buy some extra packs to have enough pioneers with flamethrowers, though. I did play them in a mini campaign, and did so-so. They don’t like tanks. Or Russians. Or Russian tanks.

So this, in a nut shell, is kind of where this army is at.

For the moment, I will only post stuff here as I get them done


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