Quick progress pic


A quick shot from my tablet on my 28mm US infantry. Got the burr in my saddle to get some work in on them this evening. Hadn’t done so in at least a year. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t take another year for some more work.


More WIP

This time its miniatures.

Ages ago, Bob gave me a bunch of his Peter Pig fallschirmjager that he had based for Crossfire and some other loose FJ pioneers. Well, I don’t play Crossfire, so I’ve based them for FOW. I’ve added in some Command Decision FJ and I now have 2 full platoons plus HMGs and mortars. To these, I have packs of PaK36s and 2cm FlaK38s ready to be put together.


More Terrain WIP

This time however there is a mix of regions.

I still have the desert houses from the previous post, but I also have some Italy pieces working.

First off are some additional pieces for the desert:

The pic is a touch blurry but you get the idea.

Another pic is here:


Primed up

The piece on the bottom is what they should match:-)
Hopefully after I’m recovered from surgery I should be able to get them painted.

Desert Terrain WIP

Here is a quick pic of the desert buildings I’ve started.

As of this post, I have gotten a couple buildings more roughed out. The goal is to have smallish village I can park an infantry platoon in. These are for my revisiting my mid-war American army that have been neglected of late. I played a game a week or so ago with some of my old armored recon company with the revised  list out the North Africa book. I was quite pleased with how they performed so I have decided to dust them off and get some more painted up. I should have post on them shortly.

Later All.

Ooooooh, Shiny!!

So on the way to pick up my daughter from school, we stopped by my friend Bob’s for dinner and to swap some figs.



What you are feasting your eyes upon are some SYW Prussians that I have attempted to lay a little bit of color on. And, I got them for the mere price of a couple of poncy elves.

Painting updates forthcoming as I can manage them.

Memory Lane

So the other day on Facebook, Bob mentioned having had a look through the Stuff of Legends site. http://www.solegends.com/ Bob was also mentioning how he had been acquiring new ‘old’ figs from various sources.

It inspired me to have a look through some figure cases.

As it was just a quick rummage through a figure case, I wasn’t able to take the best of photos. Nor are these some of my best work. I just happen to like the character of these two little fellows so I thought I would share them.

It almost makes me want to revisit Warhammer. Almost.

Hopefully I’ll post some more over the weekend.

Sacramento Tourney Redux

Hello All,

Or, at least, the couple of you that stop by on occasion. For those that don’t know, I usually have a number of projects going at any one time. What wargamer doesn’t? These projects are either actually on the table or swimming about inside my head. Recent posts will show a certain panzerpionier company that I have failed to get much progress on in the last year or so. The reasons for that are varied and many.

This post is one of the varied reasons.

Below is a good bit of an American rifle company I have been hard at work on since about July of last year.

I would very much like to show a good picture of the army, but thanks to an exuberant young cat, they have had some damage done to them from a fall. The lions share of the damage is shown here:

As you can see, some damage was considerable. The 90’s in particular were quite hard hit. The recon jeeps didn’t have a good time either, nor did the 105 Shermans since they do not have main gun barrels. Other damages were simple scrapes, bends, and stuff knocked off of bases. In all honesty, most of it is simple to repair, really only needing some paint touch-ups. I simply hate going back over stuff I’ve already done.

Now, getting to  the real point of this post, I’m going to use these in a tournament this upcoming weekend. The list I’m going with is here:

1500 Late-war US 3rd Infantry Division Company

HQ –

HQ Command Teams – 40

SMG upgrades – 30

Add bazooka Team – 20 90


Assault Platoon (3 sections) – 260 310

SMG Upgrade – 15

Add Pioneer Rifle Team – 25

Add Sharpshooter – 10


Rifle Platoon (3 sections) – 200 235

SMG Upgrade – 5

Add Rifle Team – 20

Add Sharpshooter – 10


Weapons Platoon (2 MG sections) – 165 165


I & R Platoon (3 Sections) – 110 130

Add AA MG for each jeep – 20


Chemical Mortar Platoon (2 sections) – 175 175


Anti-Tank Platoon (3 57mm Guns) – 100 100


Tank Platoon ( 3 M4 Sherman Tanks) – 270 285

Add Improvised Armor – 15


Total -1490

A couple pics of what’s coming:

That’s all for this evening. Later.

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