In The Pipeline

This page will be a somewhat current list of projects I have ongoing. I think when I get through all of these projects, only then should I start on something new.

  • 1. Top Secret project…Revealed and DONE!!

Tiger II

  • 1a. Panzer Grenadier platoon
  • 2. Two Sherman Tank Platoons plus HQ (0ne of 76’s)
  • 3. Small Norman Army (One unit of foot, one of knights) UPDATE: While I was in Sacramento in August, I picked up a unit Vikings to go with these…
  • 4. Panther Company UPDATE: Currently sitting on my desk waiting for assembly
  • 5. 10.5 howitzer platoon DONE!!

German Artillery

  • 5a. Pak38 Platoon – Getting their base coat NOW! DONE!
  • 6. 1352 StuG Abteilung…Much Progress!! Details being added more or less as we speak.  Complete!
  • 7. Play in FOW tourney in October. Make 2000 point mid-war list for same. UPDATE: Tourney slated for Oct. 13
  • 8. Platoon of Panzerwerfer 42’s for 2000 point list. DONE!


Seems I am at a loss for what to do next. Progress continues apace on 1352 StuG Abteilung with Stug’s and 3.7 guns nearing completion. Once those are done, that project will be done. At that point I’m thinking I may have to organize the list better into definite projects and not platoons. The reason for that is that I am planning on playing in a tournament in October and I think I am wanting to add a unit or two. The good news is that one of the units is on the list already.

The bad news is that the ‘Other Secret Project’ is out of the running. The eBay auction was a good deal until the items didn’t ship. So much for Jagdpanthers for now…. (As an aside, I saw a couple of BF Jagdpanthers on eBay shortly after I wrote this and they ended up going for over $40!!! No thanks; I can wait.)

UPDATE: 10/4/07-

Well, it seems I can’t get around adding stuff to the list. Of course, I did get some stuff off of it. A new thing is to highlight which projects currently have my attention. I have also decided to put up a goal on the main posting page of what I intend to have done by when. That could work….

UPDATE: 10/11/07 –

As you can see from the list, the PaK 38’s and the Panzerwerfers are done! Pics this evening when I do a new post.

UPDATE: 12/24/07-

The pipeline has been very useful. The purpose, anymore, has become somewhat skewed as it was more meant to keep me on track for playing games with painted stuff at the shop. The shop is now gone, but I think I can really just refocus what the purpose is. Now there isn’t there deadline aspect of what I put in here. I can jsut list what stuff I fancy and keep track of those as they come along. In fact, I think I will be replacing the Current projects tab and maybe the Pipeline tab with tabs for the individual projects with what is going on with those. What do you all think of that one?


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